RSJ Products: RSJ CD Writer

Utilisez votre lecteur comme un disque dur!

  • le graveur de CD RSJ relie sans problème votre lecteur au système d'exploitation:
  • "copy on the fly"
  • exploitation automatique possible
  • Reconnaissance automatique des lecteurs compatibles MMC, respectivement ATAPI
  • USB support
  • RSJ CD-View
  • RSJ CD Copy Wizard
  • DVD Support
  • et bien d'autres choses encore...

Disponibles pour:

Offre spéciale pour les propriétaires de OS/2 eCS GA

Les propriétaires de OS/2 eCS GA peuvent commander le graveur de CD RSJ pour OS/2 à un prix spécial. Plus...


Computer Backups Made Easy!

Looking for a simple and effective backup solution?

A solution, that

  • is free for non commercial use?
  • requires two mouse clicks to backup and two key strokes to restore?
  • backs up all your programs, settings, preferences, documents, everything?
  • does not require additional backup hardware (besides your CD/DVD recorder)?
  • you actually use - because it's simpler than brushing your teeth.

RSJ HD Image is here, a software which makes full hard disk backups and complete desaster recovery as easy as can be!

Technical infos

A new version of RSJ HD Image available now!

Etats actuels des versions

CD Writer OS/2 6.03
CD Writer NT/2000/XP 4.07
RSJ XML Archive 1.12
RSJ HD Image 3.08

RSJ HD Image - new version!

Version 2.00 mounts HD images to allow read access to files and folders.


RSJ CD Writer for OS/2

New: supports files larger than 2GB on JFS volumes

USB support (Further infos)