SCSI Information

In this section we provide a short and hopefully helpful guide concerning correct termination and wiring.

Our customer support experience showed that many problems are caused by an incorrect SCSI termination or installation. Please make absolutely sure that your system is correctly configured and terminated. This especially applies to WIDE or U2W SCSI adapters.


Correct wiring

SCSI devices must be connected using a single wire as a "daisy chain" without any forks. With WIDE adapters providing three internal connectors you have to observe that two of these connectors are connected to the same bus. Using these two connectors at the same time results in a fork that is not allowed and very likely to cause problems.

SCSI cable length

The maximum cable length differs depending on the interface type:

Number of devices
(incl. Adapter)
1-4 devices 6 meter 3 meter 3 meter 12 meter
5-7 devices 3 meter 3 meter 1 meter 12 meter

If both external and internal devices are used, the lengths of both cables have to be added.

Please make sure that there is a minimum cable length of 30 cm (approximately 7.5") between each device.