RSJ HD Image - Licenses

RSJ HD Image is available in different editions, so there should be the solution just right for your demands.
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Personal Edition

The Personal Edition is for private, non-commercial use only; it is available free of charge.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is for general use in a corporate or institutional environment. It grants the right to backup and restore a single machine.

Additional features (compared to the Private Edition):

Service Edition

The Service Edition is intended for hardware service technicians that want to create backups of customer machines. It grants the right to backup an unlimited number of customer machines; the images can be kept for up to 14 days.

The license is granted per technician.

Additional features (compared to the Professional Edition):

Deployment Edition

The Deployment Edition is intended for environments where many, technically identical machines must be installed/cloned using a single master image. The Deployment Edition grants the right to create an image of the master machine.

Using our Deployment Edition and a number of Deployment Target licenses, the effort involved in the installation of a large number of machines can be dramatically reduced.

Additional features (compared to the Professional Edition):

A single Deployment Target license is required for each target machine;

block prices are - of course - available.

Current Version

RSJ HD Image 3.08

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