Change History RSJ HD Image

  • Support for Volume Shadow Copies under 64bit version of Windows7/Vista/Server 2008
  • CID mode: bug corrected which prevented use of CD Recorder from CID mode in the last version
  • CID mode: minor small changes
  • Support for 64bit Operating Systems
  • Tested with Windows Server 2008
  • Tested with Windows 7 beta
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • HD Image Creator: fixed bug in progress display
  • HD Image Creator: fixed medium size calculation for CD-RW media
  • HD Image Creator: fixed volume number counting to start from 1 (not 0)
  • HD Image Creator: fixed rare crash during image creation
  • HD Restore 32: Fixed crash in unattended mode when logging is enabled
  • HD Restore 32: fixed multiple restore instances not being able to access same image file (allowed sharing)
  • Image Creator: fixed write error at end of medium for some DVD-R media
  • fixed session fixation problems with some DVD+R media
  • HD Image Creator: fixed write error at the end of CD-Rs/DVDs on some recorders
  • HD Image Creator: write SCSI ID strings into log file
  • Restore: fixed read error with return code 6 on some machines
  • HD Image Restore 32: fixed English text in German version
  • HD Image Restore 32: fixed rarely occurring crash after source page
  • HD Image Creator: fixed write problems with later Plextor (and maybe other) recorders
  • Image Creator: fixed problem initializing DVD-RW on LG recorders
  • Image Creator: fixed error message display in German version
  • Image Creator: fixed display of update bulb in German version
  • Image Creator: added option to set write speed via environment variable (rarely needed; set RSJ_XREC_WRITE_SPEED=[kb/sec])
  • Image Creator: added Load and Eject buttons to prompt medium dialog
  • New features:
  • * support Bluray recorders and discs (BD-R/BD-RE)
  • * extract ISO files from RSJ HD Image CDs/DVDs/Blurays
  • * complete rewrite of recording engine
  • * notification if new version is available
  • * Personal Edition requires regular activation
  • * improved error display and logging facility
  • Fixes:
  • Various error corrections, e.g.:
  • Image Creator: fix wrong volume number counting if image creation is retried with different CD/DVD/Bluray medium
  • Image Creator: fix recorder drives sometimes being not detected
  • Image Creator: display recorder errors in more detail (SCSI/sense info)
  • Image Creator: allow retry with different medium if recorder fails to initialize a new disc
  • Image Creator: faster image creation
  • Image Creator: fixed program not terminating after finalize error
  • Image Creator: display recorder status in insert-new-medium window
  • Restore: fix debug message after reading first block of new CD/DVD
  • Restore: fix '... %d' in info message during verify
  • Restore: fixed estimated time remaining if restore ran through a date change
  • Installer: fix "Installation failed" message during driver installation (only a few machines were affected)
  • Image Creator: fix partition parser for more than 20 partitions per drive
  • Image Mount: fix DVD/CD not being mountable if drive is owned by RSJ CD Writer
  • DOS restore: fixed file name guessing of consecutive archives
  • Image Creator: warn user if target file system constrains the file size (like 4GB on FAT32)
  • Image Creator: fixed DVD/CD tray being ejected at the beginning in unattended mode (bug introduced in 2.06)
  • Restore: In unattended mode (automatic restore), if no partition is found on the target drive, a default partition with the same size as the backed up partition is created.
  • Image Creator: Fixed crash running in unattended mode with DVD as target
  • HD Image Creator: fix unused blocks being included in the backup (bug introduced in 2.04)
  • HD Image Mount: enhanced stability of driver components
  • Image Creator: do not backup unused sectors on FAT partitions
  • Restore: fixed progress display in BIOS/DOS restore for very small partitions
  • Restore: fixed "Partition too small" error after restoring partition table
  • General: new product name "RSJ HD Image"
  • General: introduction of different editions
  • HD Restore32: prompt for reboot if necessary
  • HD Restore32: fixed "failed to open source" error when stepping back and forth in the wizard interface
  • HD Image Creator: improved data verification routine
  • HD Image Creator: fixed Professional Edition not being recognized properly
  • HD Image Creator: fix FAT partition backup
  • HD Image Creator: fixed documentation for unattended mode (overwriting of existing files)
  • HD Image Creator: fixed problems concerning Volume Shadow Copy under Windows PE/Bart's PE
  • Restore: added scrolling for partition table display
  • Restore: allow creation of single partitions based on backed up partition's size
  • Restore: allow empty HD space to be selected as restore target
  • Restore: fixed display of extended partitions/logical drives
  • Restore: F9 keyboard shortcut to mark partition active
  • Restore: fixed minor glitch in progress display for single volume backups
  • General: sign executables
  • HD Image Creator: fixed minor UI glitches
  • General: first public 2.xx release
  • General: Windows VISTA compatibility
  • General: XP-style controls on XP and VISTA
  • General: new installer
  • HD Image Creator: fixed minor UI glitches
  • HD Image Creator: added percent display to progress window title bar
  • HD Image Creator: added minimize button to progress window
  • HD Image Mounter: new component; mount backup image as a drive under Windows
  • BETA test version for selected customers
  • New component: HDREST32, Win32 based image restore program
  • Restore: fixed problems opening source files under certain conditions
  • Restore: guess name of next archive name
  • HD Image Creator: fixed free space determination for DVD-Rs
  • Restore: fix crash on some systems with certain BIOS versions (e.g. Dell)

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RSJ HD Image 3.08

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