Automatic Installations of RSJ CD Writer for Windows NT/2000/XP

General Information

Versions 1.63 and higher of RSJ CD Writer support automatic (CID) installations. All necessary installation parameters may be set on the command line so further user input during the installation process is not necessary.

Command line arguments for CID Installations

The following description assumes an installation executable named "cdwnt.exe". The version you have may have a different name.

To perform a CID installation, the first argument must be "-cid":

  cdwnt -cid

If you do not specify any additional arguments, the installation will be performed using reasonable default values as stated in the table below.

The general syntax is:

cdwnt -cid [-arg] [parameter] [-arg] ...

The following CID arguments are supported:

argument required parameter default / comments
target Target directory string (whitespace in string requires quotes) [PROGRAM_FILES_DIR]\RSJ CD Writer
user Name of user this copy is licensed to Registered owner of Windows installation
org Name of organization the user belongs to Registered organization of Windows installation
keyf Fully qualified path and file name of external license file Use license file contained in archive
code Key code supplied by your dealer None; must be specified if serial number is not in the license file
basekey Fully qualified path and file name of license file you are upgrading from None; must be specified if license is for crossgrades/upgrades only
no_cddb None No longer used.
reg None Register demo version only (do not copy files etc.). Requires "-keyf" switch
reboot None Reboot after successful completion. Default is no reboot.
up_as_demo None Force upgrade as demo version if no license for this upgrade is found. Default is to abort installation in this case
no_gui None Installs no GUI programs (CD View, CD Copy Wizard, etc), makes no start menu entries
(File system only installation)
no_eject None Turns the "Eject on close" option off (default is "on")



This example installs into c:\program files\archiving RSJ CD Writer, registers the product to Sepp Ohnemut from CIA, discards the license file in the archive and uses c:\temp\cdwfs.key instead, uses a basekey c:\temp\cdwfs_base.key and reboots after successful completion:

cdwnt -cid -target "c:\program files\archiving\RSJ CD Writer" -user "Sepp Ohnemut" -org CIA -keyf c:\temp\cdwfs.key -basekey c:\temp\cdwfs_base.key -reboot

The next example installs into [PROGRAM_FILES_DIR]\RSJ CD Writer, uses the license file contained in the archive, reads the user's name and organization from the Windows Registry, installs all features and reboots after successful completion:

cdwnt -cid -reboot

Trouble shooting

In case of problems, please check the file cdwinst.log in your system boot drive's root directory or the file install.log which is located in the target directory of the installation.