RSJ - the Company

RSJ Software was established in 1985 and offers the production of customer- specific software solutions as well as the standard solution RSJ CD-Writer for a series of operating systems. The focal points of the customer-specific solutions are in the following fields:

Connectivity - Nowadays there are hardly any real specialists, especially for linking older IBM-systems. RSJ realizes the link between PCs and servers for you under Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, IBM OS/2, IBM AIX and host systems under VM, MVS, Unix or OS/400.

Checkout Systems - We have linked the checkout system for a famous wholesale group to a customer information system under IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows NT based on an Oracle database.

32-Bit-Data Base Programming - RSJ Software offers powerful database application development for the Win32 environment via ODBC connection with Oracle data bases.

Cashless Payment - Here RSJ Software has gathered detailed experience in payment via credit card and the according electronic processes like booking, verifying and transmitting via gateway to banks.

Online Gaming Platform - RSJ has created the technical layer for digital distribution of video games.


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