Changes RSJ CD Writer for OS/2

  • fixed incorrect CHKDSK output for free space (DVDs only)
  • fixed bug in installer not recognizing USB support
  • fixed problems finalizing DVDs
  • support for files larger than 2GB on JFS volumes
  • USB support (requires latest IDE/DASD driver updates; OS2CDROM.DMD 10.157)
  • Fixed CDWFS-CDs not being readable under BSD and MacOS X
  • CopyWizard: fixed DAO option not being turned off for data CDs under certain conditions
  • CD View: fixed options dialog not showing/activating field containing invalid data (options dialog won't close if a field content is invalid, e.g. contains an invalid path)
  • fixed a bug when writing DVD+Rs with BurnProof recorders
  • support for DVD+R DL (dual layer) media
  • DAO: automatically using RAW-3 if CUESHEET doesn't work
  • Errorlog: new option to clear/delete the error log file (accessible after using the "save log as text" function)
  • Fixed PM not starting up if key file is invalid
  • DVD-RAM: now supported (tested with LG GSA-4040) (ISO9660)
  • DVD+R: compatibility with Plextor 708/712
  • DVD+RW: fix for problem with erasing media
  • Ogg Vorbis support
  • CD View: encode audio tracks directly to Ogg Vorbis files on hard disk
  • CD View: burn Ogg Vorbis files to CD
  • CD View: merged options dialogs to one single tabbed dialog
  • CD View: commands to shuffle tracks or sort by title and track number (of original CD; applies to Ogg Vorbis source files only)
  • CD View: clicking the finalize button with tracks queued for copying copies all queued tracks in TAO mode, then finalizes the session
  • CD View: fixed bug causing two concurrent freedb queries after rescan
  • CD View: fixed local cache bug (no new entries created, cache size not updated)
  • New desktop icons
  • New arguments for ring 0 drivers that suppress boot messages
  • New /D argument for LOCKCDR.FLT that prevents recorders being changed to WORM during system boot
  • New CID arguments for the new driver options:
  • /dq no driver messages during system boot
  • /ncw do not change recorders to WORM devices
  • freedb: added missing "classical" category
  • freedb: allow changing category for updated freedb entries
  • DVD-R(W) bug fixed
  • freedb: refuse to submit CD data if not all track titles are filled in
  • minor bug in BurnProof support fixed
  • recorder speed tables updated
  • DVD-RW support improved
  • CDView: track sizes larger than 2GB are now displayed correctly
  • better detection of DVD recordables in DVD+-RW combo drives
  • no more popup message after accessing unformatted DVD+RW media
  • bug in cache management fixed (this bug was only contained in 5.00)
  • DVD+R/RW support
  • DVD-R/RW support
  • Recorder detection enhanced
  • German version: "CD Writer Steuerung" changed to "CD Writer Kontrollfeld" to match the program object title
  • OEM version of Ricoh 7060S added to cddrv.inf
  • Fixed license problem in CopyWizard and CD Cover Print
  • CD View/freedb: fixed a bug that caused "server encountered problem" errors if local hostname was not set
  • CD Cover Print: problem with calling Cover Print from CD View fixed
  • Minor changes to the PDF documentation
  • CD View: Added "Submit New" button to fuzzy match dialog
  • CD View: Fixed freedb options dialog locking PM (only occurred if options dialog was closed with open help panel)
  • CD View: Fixed minor issues in freedb implementation
  • CD Cover Print: fixed strange display of format window
  • CD Cover Print: fixed huge font in dialogs if WarpSans is not available
  • The documentation (PDF) is now up to date!
  • CD View: Fixed "perform a query before submitting new entry" message when attempting to submit a freedb entry for an unknown CD
  • CD View: fixed crash when TCP/IP is not installed
  • CD View: completed french localization
  • CD Cover Print: fixed missing product name in "about box"
  • CD Boot: Fixed hard error popup when cdboot is started in PM mode (drive x: is not ready...)
  • CD Boot: Added About box command to CD Boot (system menu of main dialog)
  • freedb: Fixed revision count bug in freedb submit dialog (was incremented even if submission was cancelled)
  • CD View: Added CD Cover and freedb commands to all context menus
  • CD View: freedb server page in options dialog has a new "set default server" button
  • CD View: freedb options dialog now re-displays appropriate notebook page in case of invalid data
  • CD View: now passes track numbers and playing times to CD Cover Editor by default (optional)
  • CD View: audio parameters dialog renamed to "Options"; added controls for CD Cover Print options (see above)
  • CD View: New option in freedb options page concerning auto queries for data CDs; default is to perform no auto query if CD contains no audio tracks
  • CD View and CopyWizard now support writing speeds up to 40x
  • CD Cover Print: Format window now keeps on top of main window; fixed resize handling
  • RSJ CD Writer now supports to retrieve CD titles from the internet or a local database
  • New application RSJ CD Cover Print for editing and printing CD jewel box covers and CD labels
  • Fixed minor glitches in CD Boot (user was not prompted when no boot data is available)
  • playing of read only WAV files now possible
  • problem with burn proof support CDView/CopyWizard fixed
  • minor improvements in "Burn Proof" support
  • logging whether recorder supports "Burn Proof" or not
  • Added "Burn Proof" support
  • Updated documentation available (PDF)
  • Fixed problems concerning Ricoh 7120
  • Added latest release of DaniS506.ADD (1.3.9)
  • Fixed CopyWizard's wrong change media prompt (only DAO mode was affected)
  • Recorder specefic DAO mode is now set in a new column in cddrv.inf
  • trackcpy.exe now supports specifiying a file name for track dumps (not just a directory path)
  • CD Boot: Fixed "File not found" error when copying the boot image to the target CD
  • Fixed another bug in the file system read cache
  • Fixed a bug in the file system read cache concerning reading back a part of a file that was just written
  • Added latest release of DaniS506.ADD (1.38)
  • Danis506.add now is not copied if Dani option is unchecked
  • Support for ISO image files added to CD View - just drag any valid ISO image file from the WPS to the target CD View window to create a CD from the file
  • CD Writer Error Log now saves license info in the customer support text file.
  • CD Boot now can be run as a PM or VIO application; added CD Boot program object to WPS folder
  • Fixed a bug in the MMC driver; for some recorders, it was not possible to set the writing speed properly. Affected recorders always used their maximum speed (ie Yamaha 8824, 2100 and others)
  • Fixed problem affecting DAO copies of WAV files: the target CD was immediately ejected with nothing copied
  • Minor bug fix for CopyWizard: when the target medium is being blanked, clicking the refresh button of the source showed a question if the target shall be blanked. This has been addressed.
  • Corrected a minor bug in the installation program concerning version checking of IDE drivers
  • Fixed keyfile problem (upgrade from 3.52 to 3.53 was impossible)
  • CopyWizard: DAO option now unavailable if source is not an audio CD (DAO is for audio CDs, only!)
  • CopyWizard: fixed unavailable controls in ChangeMedia dialog (hard disk buffered copy)
  • ControlPanel/WPS class: fixed language resource problem in German version, fixed logo display
  • CopyWizard: Image files of DAO copies were not always deleted - fixed
  • Version checking for DaniS506.ADD during installation
  • DANIATAPI support added to installation (preserve config.sys for DANIATAPI)
  • CopyWizard: Added "simple GUI" option for buggy display drivers (in system menu)
  • CopyWizard: User defined devices (in cdr:x.y notation) are now stored and restored
  • DAO: Added second write mode (non-RAW) to support more recorders
  • CopyWizard: Fixed german language resources
  • DAO: DAO support (new feature)
  • CopyWiz: minor bug fix, DAO option added
  • CD View: DAO features added
  • More retries during device recognition in LOCKCDR
  • Handling of defective tracks in CDMMC and CDATAPI corrected
  • Improved manual
  • Fixed incomplete LOCKCDR boot message (occurred only if the parameters -n -i:"..." were used)
  • CopyWizard used to reset the speed setting to full speed after pressing the "Go!" button
  • Fixed the "Please reboot before running the installation again" message problem that was reported by some users
  • Changed WPS registration code (see README for details)
  • Increased speed of diskette installation
  • LOCKCDR.FLT message improved
  • Keyfile handling in installer improved
  • Problems with WPS registration in installation solved.
  • Keyfile handling in installer improved
  • Now supports Warp Server for E-Business. Use CDWFMT instead of FORMAT to erse CDs
  • Problems with TEAC 58 solved
  • Certain in Version 3.00 and 3.01 as writer classified CD-ROMs are now CD-ROMS again
  • Copy wizard now supports multiple copies
  • Wrong keyfiles in English and French version corrected
  • Keyfilehandling in installer improved
  • Writing speed in filesystem can now be set higher than 4x
  • Dynamic detection of new, CDMMC or CDATAPI compatible drive types
  • Copy wizard for simple copies of complete CDs
  • New compression algorithm for installer
  • Installer support OS/2 2.1 again
  • Improved CONFIG.SYS parser in installer
  • CDWPOPUP has Hide button again
  • Improved stability for LOCKCDR on ATAPI only systems
  • New DANI version included
  • Support for new drives
  • CDWPOPUP support ASCII save of error log
  • Keyfile handling in Installer simplified
  • Finalize session fixed for Mitsumi 2801
  • Support for new drives
  • DANIS506 new version
  • DANIS506 Support in CID (/dani)
  • CDATAPI GetDeviceCap bug corrected
  • DANIS506.ADD integrated
  • Demo Registration simplified
  • Repair track corrected for CDATAPI
  • Support for MEMOREX 1622
  • Support for Ricoh 7040
  • Support for Sony CRX 100E
  • Support for Traxdata 2260+
  • Problems with Plextor RW solved
  • Version number now 2.79 (and not mixed 2.77 and 2.78)
  • Added support for Panasonic 7582 und TEAC CDR56S
  • CDWPOPUP: fixed problem concerning minimize button
  • Documentation (PDF) now included in standard package
  • Notfication in case of expired demo version
  • Fixed WPS class installation problem
  • Support for Memorex CR-622 added
  • Fixed problem concerning license file handling
  • New drives supported (HP and Mitsumi)
  • Workaround for ASPI bug which caused TRAPs when querying the number of adapters in IDE-only systems with Fixpack 7 installed
  • Additional validation routines to prevent incorrect calls to LOCKCDR.FLT resulting in traps
  • Support for Philips CDD3600
  • IDE Support
  • Virtual SCSI Adapter in LOCKCDR.FLT for IDE devices
  • Distribution as selfextracting executable
  • German CHKDSK output if country code is set to 049
  • Fix for a bug in OS2CDROM.DMD preventing CD-View from reading CDROM tracks completely if the logical CD size is smaller than the physical size

Current Version: 6.03

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