Changes RSJ CD Writer for Windows NT/2000/XP

  • add cdwcom.dll (which was missing in 4.06)
  • fix broken recorder icon after uninstalling RSJ CD Writer
  • load filesystem driver after USB recorder has been attached
  • CD View: added "sort tracks by name" command (toolbar and menu)
  • CD View: new icons
  • File System: fixed problems reading our CDs on MacOSX and FreeBSD
  • Installer: installation problem corrected that occured on very few machines
  • Icon Loader: code that sets CD Writer icon in Explorer windows fixed (e.g. corrected problem concer,ing LABEL command under Windows XP)
  • CD Writer Settings (like 'Eject on Close') now global, not more recorder specific
  • CD View: fixed unedited (freedb) track titles being saved in trackdb.ini
  • CD View: fixed titles of previous CD still being used for new CD if autoquery is off
  • Error Log: device tree in ascii log file and dump request working again
  • Problem with turning driver off and on again corrected
  • Fixed cdwacc.dll failing to load if already loaded by a different user
  • DVD+R: burn proof related problem fixed
  • DAO: now using RAW-3 mode as default for cdatapi devices
  • FIX: now works under Microsoft Server 2003
  • USB/Firewire support (for Windows 2000/XP)
  • Additional COM API
  • Beta Version testing USB support
  • Fixed "Please wait" and "Finalizing..." windows not appearing after issuing explorer context menu commands a second time
  • Fixed "Finalizing..." window showing up before confirmation message for emergency ejects
  • corrected a problem reading some non RSJ created ISO9660 DVD+RWs
  • support for DVD+R DL (dual layer) media
  • DAO: automatically using RAW-3 if CUESHEET doesn't work
  • CD Cover Print: add track numbers to title list
  • DVD+R bugfix for some recorders (e.g. Plextor 708A)
  • DVD+RW bugfix (free space after blanking a medium)
  • DVD-RAM support
  • freedb: added missing "classical" category
  • freedb: allow category field being changed during freedb updates
  • DVD-R(W) bug fixed
  • DVD-R(W) recording: minor bugs corrected
  • fix for DVD+RW: old version might create DVD+RWs with invalid content. Fixed now
  • deadlock in filesystem fixed (especially when dealing with DVD+RWs)
  • minor fixes in driver cdatapi
  • Version 3.04 contained an invalid version number
  • Fixed an installation issue concerning NT4; if your NT4 system does not boot anymore, use "Last Known Good Config" and reinstall this update
  • freedb: refuse to submit if not all track titles are updated
  • CD View: DAO button now unavailable if source tracks come from different CDs
  • CD View: prompt for correct CD if source is unavailable during Track At Once copy operation
  • some Burn Proof related problems fixed
  • CD View: fixed bogus length info for tracks/DVDs longer than 2GB
  • problems with some DVD-R(W) drives (e.g. Pioneer DVR-A05) fixed
  • CDView now displays track length in HH:MM:SS mode
  • small problem in CD Cover Print fixed
  • recorder speed tables updated
  • better detection of DVD recordables in DVD+-RW combo drives
  • no more popup error after accessing unformatted DVD+RW media
  • DVD+R/RW support
  • DVD-R/RW support
  • recorder driver can now be turned off
  • Recorder detection enhanced
  • CD Writer Error Log: added "Eject" command to tray popup menu
  • CD View: fixed bogus handling of freedb auto query flags
  • Installer: automatic recorder detection enhanced
  • no more exclamation mark in Windows XP's device manager
  • CD View: track titles downloaded from freedb were not copied when dragged to the target window in previous versions. Fixed.
  • CD View: ISO files with a wrong size (not multiples of the sector size) were rejected in previous versions; such files will be accepted if a certain value in the system registry is set to 1; this must be a DWORD value named "no_sector_size_check" under HKCU\Software\RSJ Software GmbH\CD View
  • CD View: Fixed "Failed to wait for open connection" problem during freedb queries
  • Fixed a bug in freedb that occurred if local hostname was not properly set
  • installation from CD using external keyfiles possible
  • Added french language help file for freedb
  • Added "Submit new" button to the freedb fuzzy match dialog
  • Fixed "perform a query before submitting new entry" message when attempting to submit a freedb entry for an unknown CD
  • Fixed wrong freedb version string
  • Fixed freedb response parser bug (ignored double backslash chararacters)
  • Fixed bug that caused only one freedb fuzzy match being displayed even if more matches are available
  • Fixed crash during submit of unknown CD (occurred if titles where edited in CD View)
  • Genre field now is read-only for updates to freedb
  • version number consistently set
  • RSJ CD Writer now uses ro retrieve CD title information
  • Fixed french language prompts in german version of CopyWizard
  • Fixed FindFirstFile/FindNextFile anomalities (i.e. "dir" on a command prompt)
  • Added latest versions of CDDB control DLLs
  • Fixed DAO problems with HP cd16r
  • Removed drive letter popup menu in installation program for Windows 2000 or later systems (use Windows' own mechanisms now)
  • Fixed DAO errors not being logged in CD Writer Error Log
  • Fixed heavy CPU load caused by cdwpopup.exe (only occurred when many recorders where installed)
  • Fixed problems with some Burn Proof recorders (e.g. Yamaha 2200E, Teac 516E)
  • RSJ CD Writer now available in French language (French documentation not yet available)
  • Support for Windows XP
  • IMAPI disabled on Windows XP
  • Eject supressed on shutdown
  • burn proof support
  • several minor changes within the installer
  • General: Fixed psychodelic colors on 256 color displays
  • Installer: added -no_eject switch to CID install to turn off "Eject on close" setting by default
  • ATAPI/MMC drivers: DAO mode now retrieved from new column in cddrv.inf
  • CD View: Track titles were not saved after DAO copy - fixed
  • CD View: Fixed crash when CD View is closed after digital audio playback
  • CopyWizard: Fixed function not supported error if using a non-empty CD-RW as target
  • CdwPopup: Integrated Devicetree functionality for support
  • CD View: Fixed minor bug concerning digital audio playback on source device
  • CD View: Fixed DAO/pause time available after TAO copy
  • CD View: Fixed "Function not supported" error after double clicking a track during digital audio playback
  • Fixed problems concerning Ricoh 7120A (read audio, creation of multisession CDs)
  • CD CopyWizard: DAO option now unavailable if source is a data CD
  • CD CopyWizard: Medium is ejected after finalization
  • Filesystem: fixed CD Writer settings page (cache size sanity check and support for cache sizes larger than 32MB; 64MB is now the limit)
  • Filesystem: fixed another read cache bug
  • CD View: local track title database was updated too frequently resulting in duplicate entries - fixed
  • CD View: added option for digital audio playback; this way, audio tracks can be played back without a drive/soundcard audio connection
  • CD Cover Print: Added delete option to track data base browser ("CD View's known CDs")
  • CD CopyWizard: Fixed wrong free space calculation on large drives (>4GB)
  • CD Writer Error Log: Added key file info to customer support file
  • Filesystem: Cache logic revised
  • Fixed a problem that affected setting the write speed of later SCSI recorders
  • Fixed bugs concerning automatic installation with -no_gui flag (no auto detection performed, no entries in AutoStart folder)
  • Fixed "event source rsjcddao" problem that prevented DAO SCSI errors from bein logged properly
  • Fixed recovered SCSI error handling for DAO
  • DAO: Added a different DAO write mode to support more recorders
  • CD View: Added seamless support for ISO image files; just drag and drop from any explorer window to a recorder CD View window.
  • Blue screen on Boot (only with 2.02) in some W2K systems solved
  • Problems with NT Security (in 2.01) for Standard Users solved
  • DAO
  • Bootable CD
  • Retry of Query Device Caps
  • CDMMC and CDATAPI Read Session Info updated
  • Keyfile check updated for performance
  • Problems starmenu in OEM characterset corrected
  • Power Management corrected for Windows 2000
  • CDMMC and CDATAPI Read Session Info updated
  • Problem with Windows NT 4.0 solved (only in 1.66)
  • Path no longer destroyed during installation (problem only in version 1.65, 1.66)
  • 1.66 Problems with PCI Sound Blaster solved
  • New CDDB2 version
  • Execution Path in registry no longer damaged during installation (problem only in version 1.65)
  • Problems with Media Player while playing videos from CD corrected
  • Handling of defective tracks in CDMMC and CDATAPI corrected
  • Problems with Windows Commander corrected
  • Commandline based installation supported
  • Error in Cover Editor corrected
  • New CDDB2 version
  • Enhanced support for CCDB2 Music Browser
  • Fixed start menu problem on systems with German operating system
  • 1.59 was accidentally labeled 1.58
  • Fixed bug in CopyWizard (did not start anymore)
  • New: ability to deactivate CDDB support after installation (CD View options dialog)
  • Audio read errors of more than 2,3 sec abort track copy now
  • problems with TEAC 58 solved
  • Missing file (in 1.56) CDREC.ICO now correctly installed
  • Remove write protection now working
  • CDVIEW bug with long MP3 filenames corrected
  • Order in Drag&.Drop of multiple files corrected
  • MP3 files can now be written on CD. Simply drag them from the Windows Explorer to the CDVIEW window. This feature requires the current version of Microsoft Media Player to be installed.
  • Icon changer stabilized
  • CDVIEW no longer in harddisk context menu/li>
  • Enhanced device support for CDATAPI and CDMMC
  • Sync Transfer changed for newer Yamaha drives
  • CDDB2 Integration improved
  • Installer Errorhandling improved
  • Installer Log improved
  • New keyboard shortcut in CD View: F5 = rescan track directory
  • Missing German resources in CD View completed
  • Problem with inconsistent versionnumber corrected
  • Support for Windows 2000 Retail
  • CDDB2 support
  • Automatic detection of new CDMMC and CDATAPI compatible drives
  • Link between CD View and CD Cover Editor
  • New compression for Installer
  • Enhanced support for CD's a high number of files
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Numerous minor bug fixes
  • Y2K problem with demoversion solved
  • Support for new drives
  • RSJ CD Cover Editor included
  • Now runs without MS IE 4.00 or better
  • Support for new drives
  • API supports Eject
  • CDWPOPUP support ASCII errorlog save
  • Problems with icon loader and user logoff fixed
  • Finalize session fixed for Mitsumi 2801
  • Finalize in CDVIEW not done after copy error
  • Support for new CD recorders
  • More than one recorder per driver supported
  • Wrong CDROM.SYS is only warning
  • Bug with Yamaha CDR 4416S corrected
  • Finalize in CD View includes Record now
  • IOMEGA ZIP are handled correctly now
  • Bug in Icon changer corrected
  • CDROM.SYS checked for correct version
  • CDWACC.H and CDWACC.LIB are now included in distribution
  • Bug corrected in error correction in CD View and Copy Wizzard
  • Bug fixed in drive letter detection
  • Support for Windows 2000 Beta 3 (only 8.3 filenames supported)
  • Support for Windows NT 4 SP 4 und Windows NT SP 5
  • Detection of media full
  • API available without mounted CD
  • Erase of CD-RW in Copy Wizard
  • Minor improvements in installer
  • New Icon for CD Recorder in Explorer
  • Support for Plextor CD-R PX-8220
  • Support for Ricoh CD-R/W MP7040S
  • Support for Teac CD-R 56S
  • New "CD Writer Tutorial"
  • Added support for Panasonic 7582
  • Support for Memorex CR-622 added
  • Fixed several bugs in installation program
  • Face lift for CD Info display
  • New drives supported (HP and Mitsumi)
  • Error corrected for some MMC drives (which return tracks in BCD)
  • CDVIEW now copies audio tracks with read errors
  • Fixed installation problems (key file handling)
  • Fixed a bug in CD View concerning deletion of hard disk tracks
  • CD Writer API: Visual Basic compatibility
  • Added support for Plextor PX-R820
  • First final release

Current Version: 4.07

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