From Bits to Paper

Data Source

The data source may be of any kind of architecture - the data just has to be delivered to a directory that is monitored by RSJ LPS (the "incoming" directory). If desired, RSJ LPS converts the data records (e.g. from EBCDIC to ASCII etc.) and prepares them for being printed.

RSJ LPS SpoolController

Now the new records ("jobs") are displayed in RSJ SpoolController, a GUI program that allows the operator to print or delete jobs, or to transfer them to other RSJ LPS hosts.

If desired, RSJ LPS can be configured to automatically print certain jobs as soon as they arrive.

User Print Scripts

The print process is controlled by script Programs that are not to be written in some kind of cryptic printer control language, but simple and well known JScript® or VBScript®. Use the entire power of Windows Scripting Host® to control the print process any way you like.

Of course, we will implement your print scripts if desired.

Classic LPS Documentation

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